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 Top 3 reasons why recruiters should invest in marketing automation

Top 3 reasons why recruiters should invest in marketing automation

It is a no-brainer that technology made the world a global village. However, with so much going on, the world has become an ever-busy global village. While it might be super easy to reach out to many people at one instance, advancements in technology mixed with preferences have made it a bit more challenging to pass the message across. 

But how is this possible? 

Recruiters are go-to professionals by most organizations with all their sourcing and staffing needs. This means that these recruiters ought to have a large database of both employers and job seekers. Whenever a company wants to hire new talent, the staffing agency will simply have to contact its wide pool of potential candidates regarding the vacancy. 

They will, thereafter, have to filter all the applications before settling on the ideal candidate. 

While this seems like a simple process, it may be daunting if you do not possess the right arsenal. 

For starters, how would you ensure that you keep a large database of job seekers? How do you intend on reaching out to them? How do you ensure that they are able to see your messages whenever you contact them about new job offers? 

Consequently, you may get hundreds or even thousands of applications streaming in once a job advert has been made. Will you have the time to go through all of them: one by one? Of course not. Doing so would create room for recruiter burnout

The above questions all point towards one answer: investing in marketing automation

So, why do recruiters have to invest in marketing automation? 

1. To make each communication more personalized

Suppose you have ever shown interest in a particular job through a recruitment agency before. In that case, you must have been elated when you received an email from them regarding a job that you actually qualify for. 

By investing in marketing automation, you do not just send any messages to any recipients but the right ones. Once you have a database of job seekers, you can have a system in place that knows their preferences. Sending more personalized messages to candidates makes them feel supported and would be better positioned to respond or action your call.

2. Increase email engagements

So, you have been sending emails to your network but receive very little engagement? Did you try to add more job roles to your news bulletin but still receive low traction? Well, the main issue may point towards email deliverability. 

By leveraging the power of marketing automation, recruiters can narrow down the causes for low engagement. 

One instance that you may discover is that your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) hasn’t updated the ‘dead’ email addresses yet (inactive emails or contacts for those that are not actively searching for jobs).

With the right marketing automation tools, you can identify exactly where the problem is regarding email deliverability and action on the solutions immediately. 

3. Jobseekers feel like they are being supported throughout

As indicated before, recruiters usually have a large database of job seekers. Now picture this, whenever there is a job vacancy, only one out of the possibly hundreds gets picked. But what about the others? 

With marketing automation, you make the other candidates who didn’t get selected also feel special and encourage them of a brighter future. 

You can do so through regular emails, whereby you can bring to their attention some of your training material and tips on how to land their next career job. Go ahead and even offer free lessons on how they can create an irresistible resume, as they prepare to apply for the next job. 

This way, by reaching out to them, you make them feel like they are getting enough support from you, the recruiter. On the other hand, you’ll live to enjoy better retention and engagement rates. 

What about the hiring companies?

Besides retaining a large network of job seekers, it would also be prudent to maintain a good rapport with clients (companies and organizations). Without them, recruitment agencies won’t have work to do. 

By investing in marketing automation, you are able to relay helpful information to your clients (or potential customers). You can show them statistical figures, social proof of how efficient you are, and so much more. 

Since you have many clients that you’d like to reach out to on a regular basis, it would be best to invest in marketing automation. This would enable you to maintain good relationships with them as well. 

Is HR marketing automation for you? 

It is important to note that automation shouldn’t take over everything when building a good relationship between recruiters and job seekers or clients. There must still be a lot of human interaction going on throughout. 

As one of the best recruitment agencies in India, Mindsoftindia fully understands the need for (and how) marketing automation. However, we also understand that human interaction is vital for the success of any key relationship. 

Take advantage of our training and development and stay ahead of the competition by knowing how to utilize marketing automation as a recruiter. 

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