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 How to Convince the Perfect Candidate to Accept Your Job Offer

How to Convince the Perfect Candidate to Accept Your Job Offer

Have you found the right candidate for your role? Looking for ways to convince them to work for you? Here’s how to convince the best candidate to accept your job offer.

After weeks (or even months) of interviews and considerations as you seek the perfect candidate for your position, you finally land on one. It must be a good feeling, right?

The next thing you’ll do is curate a good job offer to the top candidate, and you’ll be sure they will accept it. However, imagine this scenario: suddenly, your preferred candidate starts dragging their feet. They give off the vibe that they do not want the offer or appear reluctant to sign on the dotted line, yet you’re sure that you’ve done everything right and the candidate was also eager to get the job. 

If this situation happens to you, do not despair, as you’re not alone. It has happened to the best of us. But why is this the case in the first place? 

Why are some candidates reluctant to accept an offer?

Before we delve deeper into understanding the best tips to convince the perfect candidate to accept your job offer, it would be crucial to understand why they would be reluctant. 

For starters, the global job market is quite fast-paced. This means that candidates are always looking for a better offer elsewhere. If you do not act fast and snatch the top talent, someone else will. Furthermore, a whopping 58% of job-seekers claim to have turned down a job offer due to a poor experience during the hiring process.

Besides the fact that you took too long to get the feedback, there are other things that you can avoid and do to improve your chances of having your job offer accepted by top talent. 

What should you do?

Here are a few things to do to increase the chances of the perfect candidate accepting your job offer: 

1. Don’t make unrealistic promises

Have your facts right, and do not over-promise anything. Sure, your role will provide an environment for growth, but do not make unrealistic promises to candidates. 

Harvey Deutschendorf, an emotional intelligence author, and speaker, recently had this to say at Fast Company, “It’s one thing for a prospective employer to detail the type of career growth they foresee being associated with a position… but it’s another for that description to sound a little too good to be true.”

2. Give them a future, not just a job

It is a no-brainer that some candidates are usually just looking to fulfil the next step in their career paths with no intentions of staying in one place for long. However, others are actually ambitious — especially top talent that might be looking for a company and team to grow with — and are thinking long-term.

You have to show them the potential for growth, and they will not take too long to sign between the dotted lines. Get started with this by writing the best possible job advert.

3. Stay professional throughout the entire process

Ensure to remain professional throughout the application or interviewing process. Top candidates are always looking out for red flags from potential employers, and you might even unknowingly display some during the process. 

As a rule of thumb, be courteous — don’t be late to a meeting, or if you are, you should give them an explanation. Do not call, email, or text after work hours, and most importantly, if you’re going to contact someone from their previous workplace, ensure to ask first. 

Staying professional is one thing that you may overlook during the candidate search process, but it has a huge impact on attracting and retaining top talent

Don’t just convince; make them accept the offer

The whole interviewing process can be an overwhelming one. It will be quite disappointing if you were to find the right candidate for the job, only for them to appear reluctant or even outright decline the offer. 

In this case, you may need the professionals that can help you out.

Having assisted many companies to land top talent for their roles, MindsoftIndia should be your go-to solution for all your hiring needs. The experts at MindsoftIndia will assist you with every step of your hiring process until you select your preferred candidate. Moreover, the team will help curate a good offer that your potential hire won’t turn down.


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