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 How do you know if you made a hiring mistake? Here are 5 signs to tell you this

How do you know if you made a hiring mistake? Here are 5 signs to tell you this

Every employer brings in a new team player with the hopes that they will take the company to the next level. But what if you made a bad hiring decision? How will you tell? Read on to find out more.

Every single employee within an organization plays an integral part in the company’s success. Therefore, when filling each position, it is paramount to find the right talent for the job. However, while you can always go through the right process for hiring the right people for your business, sometimes they may not be as you expected. 

We get it; the process itself is quite overwhelming: the many interviews, having to filter candidates, etc. Filling a vacancy in your organization is a relief to many. But what if you didn’t make the right decision? 

It is a no-brainer that every single hire you make is a business investment. However, when the new hires turn out to be unproductive, you’ll be losing out on a huge chunk of your investment. According to a CareerBuilder’s report, 74% of companies lose an estimated $14,900 every year because of a bad hire.

How will you know that you brought in the wrong hire?

To avoid losing much, here are the five key things to look out for that indicate you’ve made a wrong hiring decision:

  • A bad attitude from the onset

Every company has its own culture and values. Whenever someone new joins the team, they are taken through the onboarding process to help them understand how things are run. A good employee tries to readjust to the new norm and appreciate the current company’s culture.

If you’ve made a hiring mistake, you’ll notice that the employee doesn’t seem to like the new policies, might appear snappy, and having so much negative feedback regarding their experience. These are just a few of the red signs that you need to watch out for so that you can make a quick, informed decision.

  • Have trouble understanding the basic tasks within the role

Every job description is different, and before you hire someone, they must possess a particular set of skills. Well, some things may be a little challenging to determine during the interview process as the candidates may as well lie in their resumes. 

Furthermore, some might have answers in theory but are not able to put it into work practically. 

Although every company’s processes might be different, there’s a bare minimum that new hires must meet. 

If you find that the employee is having trouble actualizing the standard skills required for that particular role, making mistakes, or not being able to do the job accordingly, then you’ll know you made a mistake in hiring them.

  • Time management becomes an issue

Time is money, regardless of the industry you’re in. One of the biggest challenges an organization might face is lower productivity due to time mismanagement by employees. You need all your work to be done within the set time limits to stay on track. 

If a new hire often fails to meet deadlines despite several reminders, it would be best to think of an alternative solution. 

You’ll also know that you made a hiring mistake if the new employee keeps taking long breaks between jobs and doesn’t report to work on time. 

  • Have a negative effect on your team.

The success of any organization is highly dependent on its employees. Employee engagement is a crucial aspect of running a business, but if the team isn’t well-motivated, well-coordinated, and collaborative, then the goals might just prove futile to achieve. 

Your team’s synergy is crucial to the entire performance of the company. However, if a new hire comes to disrupt the team’s dynamic, it is a huge sign that you made a bad hire.

With or without your presence, all team members must correlate well, without having any negativity sprouting. If you notice that your team’s morale has changed after the new employee’s arrival, it would be high time to consider other options. 

  • Stuck in their old ways.

Every hiring manager always looks for experience as a driving factor towards getting a new employee. The more experienced a candidate is, the higher their chances of getting hired.

But this isn’t always the case. 

At times, you get an employee who prefers the old ways of doing things and hasn’t fully adjusted to the new ways, making their contributions irrelevant. But, on the other hand, a good hire is eager to learn how your company operates and ready to adjust accordingly. 

Bring A-list players into your team.

A-list players have more than just the skills needed for the job. They also bring in their soft skills, making it easy for management to run the organization much easier. 


It is quite easy to get duped during the interview process, forcing you to end up hiring a bad employee. 

Nevertheless, you needn’t go through all that trouble as you can easily have one of the best staffing and recruitment agencies to help you find the best players to add to your team.

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