• Honesty –  Worth believing
  • Punctuality -  Plethora of Positives
  • Efficiency -  Competency of Performance
  • Professional Ethics -  Respecting each others opinion
  • Transparency -  Accurate disclosure of information


FMCG sector deals with the production, marketing and distribution of consumer packaged goods. It is a stable sector with diversely growing product line and hence offers numerous employment opportunities to people at all levels. The segment also engages employees in supply chain management, operations, finance and general administration. , operations, supply chain, production and general management.

For a candidate, finding the right brand to work for is a challenge. With the presence of multiple options, focussing on the most beneficial career path can sometimes be confusing. For this reason, Mindsoft offers services to all those seeking to create a niche in this industry.

Similarly, finding the right talent is a test for companies because this decision can make or break a brand. Being in the sector for long, we have a deep understanding of FMCG and can help you find the desirable candidates within shortest period of time. Our team of consultants have diverse experience in the field and understand the value of exceptional screening and reference process.

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